Hello and thank you for visiting! Over the past 25 + years of study and clinical practice I have gathered the experience, resources and skills that allow me to help find the best possible answers to your health care questions. I take the responsibility of your health care very seriously and strive to provide a healing approach that is for your highest and best.

I view your body as a living system of energy. When you are happy, healthy and feeling great, your energies are flowing in a balanced relationship.  When your energies are stressed, blocked or imbalanced, that's when you start not feeling well physically, emotionally and spiritually. I use healing techniques that promote balance by finding what is stressing your body’s energies and then releasing those stressors. Commons stressors can be allergic reactions, toxins, pathogens, structural imbalances, energetic blockages and trapped emotions. I evaluate stressors by using a technique of Muscle Response Testing as well as BioFeedback with a device called Interactive Query System (IQS).

As you visit my website, be sure to hear from past and present patients, through their testimonials, about how our work together has improved the quality of their health and lives. I welcome any questions you might have so please feel free to email me or call my office.

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                                                                                                                                                                            ~ Elissa ~



"I Am Elissa's Biggest Fan!"

"I suffered for 3 years with chronic eczema. Saw several doctors / allergists/ dermatologists with all of them prescribing medication. NOTHING worked. I was referred to Elissa and it was solved / cured in weeks. I noticed improvements within days. The eczema was debilitating and affected a lot of areas of my life. I didn’t enjoy going outside / working out / yard work / even going to work. Thank you, Elissa! I am Elissa’s biggest fan!" 

Sam C.  

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