Elissa believes it to be very important that every patient feels comfortable, is well listened to, and gets answers to their questions.  She finds that too often patients get involved in treatment approaches or end up taking lots of medications or supplements without really having their purpose explained to them.  Elissa likes to take the time to explain every procedure and every product that is recommended.

Elissa pays close attention to the rate of improvement of her patients’ symptoms.  By the time most patients discover Elissa’s work, they have been suffering for a long time and have paid a great deal of money on healing avenues that haven’t worked.  It’s important for her, and her patients, to see improvements quickly.

Elissa’s main focus is on the best care she can possibly provide for her each individual.  Every day offers new opportunities for her to learn and grow as a practitioner.  Her passion is getting the answers needed to address her patients’ health concerns.  If she feels she cannot offer a successful treatment approach, she will not hesitate to refer someone to one of the other alternative healthcare practitioners she networks with.  Elissa’s intent is in finding a solution to her patients’ health conditions, whether it is in her office or in someone elses.  It’s the common goal of healing that she shares with those in her care.


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