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BioSET ~ Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapyiqs3systemv1

BioSET is a multifaceted approach to health care involving detoxification, enzyme therapy, nutritional guidance, emotional stress relief and ReSET Therapy. In BioSET we feel that  illness and disease exist because of three major factors:

  1. An overload of toxins building up in our bodies.
  2. Food allergies and intolerances stressing our digestive systems which in turn weakens our immune systems.
  3. Emotional stressors that weaken all major systems in our bodies. Within BioSET we use a method of biofeedback to properly evaluate a person's body to see exactly what the root cause is of their health concerns. The biofeedback is performed by using a device called the Interactive Query System.  Click to learn more about The BioSET System.


Learn more about how information is shared from a patient to the IQS.



What Can Be Learned Using the IQS?

Because the IQS facilitates the exchange of information between practitioner and client, an endless number of questions can be asked and evaluations can be performed to gain the knowledge need to correct the imbalances that are causing symptoms and health concerns. Some of the more common evaluations and questioned performed and asked during a biofeedback session are: 

Toxicity Evaluation
Are toxins building up in your body preventing you from healing?
Are toxins affecting different systems in your body (Lymphatic, Respiratory, Urinary, Colon, Skin, Liver)?
Does your body need a homeopathic remedy to help your body detoxify more easily?

Digestive Evaluation
Are you struggling breaking down fats, fiber, protein and / or sugars?
Would a digestive enzyme or other supplement be helpful for your digestion?
Are you stressed by the enzymes in your digestive system?
Food Evaluation
Are you stressed by (allergic to) proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, fats, etc.?
Would you benefit from more protein in your diet, or perhaps more fruits? (For example)

Environmental Evaluation
Are grasses, trees, and / or weeds causing your seasonal allergies?
Are you stressed by chemicals, fragrances, pet dander, your carpet or beauty products?
Geopathic Evaluation
Do your symptoms worsen with weather changes or change in altitude?
Are you stressed by wind, heat, cold, barometric pressure changes, or humidity?

Supplement Evaluation
Do the supplements you are taking provide you the support they are supposed to? Do they weaken or strengthen you and if so, where?
Are you taking the correct dosage?
Which brand of Vitamin C supplement (for example) does your body like the best?

Viability Evaluation
How is the overall endurance of your Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Immune System, Endocrine System, etc.?
Are there any underlying weaknesses, and what is needed to strengthen them?
Exercise Evaluation
Which type of exercise would your body respond to best: Bike riding, treadmill, martial arts, yoga, weight lifting, jogging, walking, and / or Zumba, etc.?

Healing Modality Evaluation
In order to obtain your health goals, which would be the best healing modality: BioFeedback? Acupuncture? Massage? Chiropractic? Emotion Code? Cold Laser Therapy?

Symptom Evaluation
What is causing your particular symptom? Is it an allergen, toxins, weather changes, bacteria, virus, fungus, digestive issue, weakened immune system, trapped emotion, etc?
What does your body need to eliminate this particular symptom? An energetic frequency, homeopathic remedy, more protein in your diet, a supplement, etc.?


With all this gathered information, a treatment protocol can be put in place to get you on your way to meeting your health goals!



Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Picture

Enzymes naturally occur in your digestive system and in the foods you eat.  When your digestive system is stressed, and as we age, the amount of enzymes we have available to digest food and perform daily body functions decreases. In order to help restore balance to the body, promote healing and ensure proper digestion of food, enzyme products are sometimes recommended. Elissa uses the finest enzymes from Enzyme's Inc and has been using these products for over 15 years. 




Emotion Code Therapy

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC, Emotion Code Therapy is a healing modality that can, with the use of kinesiology (muscle testing), identify and safely release trapped emotions that cause physical symptoms. When an emotion is trapped in the body, it creates an imbalance in the electromagnetic field of the body. Using magnets, balance is restored once the trapped emotion has been identified and released.

Body Code Therapy

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC, Body Code Therapy is a healing modality that can, with the use of kinesiology (muscle testing), identify and safely release imbalances that cause physical and emotional symptoms. Imbalances come from 6 main root causes involving: Energy, Circuits / Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments, Nutritional / LIfe style. When there is an energetic imbalance, it creates an imbalance in the electromagnetic field of the body. Using magnets, balance is restored once the imbalance has been identified and released.

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