Why we have allergies and what we can do about them

By: Elissa Viarengo Friday September 19, 2014 comments Tags: digestive

According to recent reports, more and more people are developing allergies to pollens, foods, chemicals and animals every year. It’s actually quite alarming. People are being told to avoid foods that are so common that it makes for a very difficult diet. And it’s most upsetting how these allergies are affecting our children. At young ages they are being prescribed medications, antibiotics, antihistamines, and inhalers.

What is this epidemic all about? Why are our bodies turning against us and becoming so hypersensitive? The answer is actually in our digestive system and has to do with the levels of toxins we carry in our bodies.

Our digestive system is responsible for breaking down the foods we eat into the nutrients and vitamins within them. Once broken down the nutrients and vitamins are absorbed and transported to nourish organs and vital systems. When eating foods that you are allergic to or have intolerances to, the normal digestive process doesn’t work. Foods are not broken down, nor does the body get nourished. Further more, if a person suffers from chronic food allergies most likely their intestinal wall lining is weakened allowing food particles to pass through. Once this happens, food particles are viewed as foreign bodies and the immune system attacks. This act alone triggers the allergic immune response and a vast variety of symptoms are produced.

In order to support the digestive process, taking a digestive enzyme is invaluable. Because you wont know which aspect of food you have difficulty digesting with out proper evaluation, it’s best to begin with a broad spectrum digestive enzyme. One that contains amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, cellulase, pectinase, cathepsin, papain, glucoamylase, and invertase would be most beneficial as it would break down all aspect of foods (fats, fiber, sugars and protein). This enzyme should be taken with all meals and snacks to help ensure proper digestion and utilization of nutrients and vitamins.

The other theory of why our bodies are so overly sensitive to our world is because of too many toxins being stored in our bodies. These toxins interfere with the proper functioning of organs and vital systems. With these toxins in our bodies, symptoms which can be mistaken for allergies can be produced.

There are numerous ways of detoxifying different aspects of your body. You can find information about foot baths, dietary cleanses, colonics and many more therapies in any health magazine or health food store. The most important factor when doing a detox is making sure that you don’t feel worse while doing it. If your symptoms increase, stop what you are doing. What is happening is you are either reacting to the toxins that are being flushed out of your body or your body can’t handle the load of toxins that are being moved.

Some very gentle ways to detoxify are hot baths and showers, daily exercise, drinking roughly a gallon of water a day, and deep breathing throughout the day.

By using a digestive enzyme and helping your body to release stored toxins you will be relieving stress on your digestive system and your immune system. By doing this your body will have more energy and more focus to spend on doing its daily job of keeping you healthy.

Elissa Viarengo

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Elissa Viarengo is a BioFeedback Practitioner who specializes in improving digestion, detoxification, eliminating allergies, and enzyme therapy.  She is a licensed acupuncturist and has been practicing since 1995. For further information please call 970.481.7536, visit her web site www.healinginsideout.info or email her at elis[email protected].  She welcomes questions of all kinds!


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